Workplace Wellbeing

Employees’ duties, expectations, stress levels and working environments affect overall health and happiness

Health, Financial and Mental Wellbeing

The top three causes of long term absence are mental ill health, musculoskeletal injuries and stress.  60% of those surveyed also reported an increase in common mental health conditions among employees. (, Health and well-being at work survey 2020).

Investing in employee wellbeing increases employee engagement, improves productivity and makes your company more attractive to prospective employees.

MAC work with providers who prioritise wellbeing in their added value services.

The majority of these are a free addition to a group protection scheme, such as critical illness, income protection or life insurance. 

They include a range of resources with the goal to support your employees with early response measures to prevent absenteeism and encourage a return to work through examples such as the following: mental health counselling, gp services, nutrition and physical wellbeing support, bereavement, stress and financial counelling.  The list goes on.

MAC will help your company make the most of what’s available and communicate these to your employees.